About Us

The world's finest wines are produced in France, from grapes grown in vineyards in regions such as Bordelais, Bourgogne, Beaujolais, Vallée du Rhône, Loire Valley, Champagne. Alsace to mention a few. So much so that winemaking has become one of the major industries of France, with billions of bottles of wines exported all over the world.

Wine is an Art in France and a tradition transmitted from generations to generations. Each region has its own specificity, not only because of the grapes grown in its vineyards (Pinot Noir for Burgundy, Gamay for Beaujolais, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for Bordeaux to mention a few), but also because of the methodology used to produce wine, the composition of the soil where the vines grow and the climatic conditions during the grape ripening. All these factors (TERROIR) influence the taste, the longevity and the visual aspect of the wine, making of each vintage a unique print of nature specificity and human touch.

Le Cellier deals, as a vocation, in the import and distribution of French wines in the Philippines. Although we are not claiming to propose to our customers all the wines produced in France, we are relentlessly tasting and selecting the very best wines that France wine-producing regions can offer and ensure their availability in Manila through adequate air-conditioned storage to maintain quality always. Our wine list is updated and new wines are added on a regular basis to satisfy our clientele needs.

Our selection of very affordable and easy to drink wines along with our balanced medium range and Premium wines from many regions of France, is appreciated in most fine dining restaurants and hotels in the country.We also offer our wines to a growing number of wine lovers and our monthly attractive offers will help you make the best choice to meet your wine tasting expectations.