Winemaker Fabre Margaux & Haut Médoc Dinner

Winemaker Fabre Margaux & Haut Médoc Dinner

Thank you so much for joining our
Domaines Fabre Margaux & Haut Médoc Winemaker Dinner
with Winemaker himself Mr. Jean-Hubert Fabre
last November 29, 2022 at The Champagne Room of Manila Hotel.
Wine and Food Pairings are:
Salami on Walnut Bread
Shooter of Celery Stick in Blue Cheese Dip
Puff Pastry-Ham Pinwheel
Saucisson en Croute
Assorted Roasted Nuts
Assorted Olives
Lions De Fabre Bordeaux Blanc 2019 (White Wine)
Lions De Fabre Bordeaux Rouge 2017 (Red Wine)
---Greeting the Wine Enthusiast with these wines.
The Red despite being dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon grape is actually light and fruity that goes well with any of the above pica-pica food.
The White is fruity and floral and not extra dry, just perfect for filipino palette in general.

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio Mimosa
Mesclun Greens, Crispy Capers, Horseradish
Lions De Fabre Bordeaux Blanc 2019 (White Wine)
---The lemony characteristic of this white wine with the fruitiness made it perfect with this Smoked Salmon Carpaccio as it helps cut the fattiness of the fish paired with the bitter after taste of arugula.

Wild Mushroom Risotto
Smoked Duck Breast, Balsamic Drizzle
Lions De Fabre Médoc 2017 (Red Wine)
---This red wine that dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon which has a flavor of black fruits is complemting well the earthy and meaty taste of wild mushroom.

Roast U.S. Beef Sirloin
Bordalaise Sauce
Pommes Puree w/Truffle Oil
Upland Vegetables
Château Carreyre Margaux 2016 (Red Wine)
---The partnership of this wine and this dish is just so perfect. The wine is rund and powerful that is well suited to this kind of dish.

Apple Crumble in Filo Dough
Calvados Ice Cream

Coffee or Tea
Thank you so much to all our friends and clients for supporting our event:
Dinner Time:
Then, after just enjoyed the rest of the evening with these wonderful people:
Once again, in behalf of our Mr. Bernard Flour and our Winemaker Mr. Jean-Hubert Fabre:
Thank you so much for your support!
From your Wine Lady of Manila with Wine Regards,
November 29, 2022
Bordeaux Winemaker Dinner with:
Mr. Jean-Hubert Fabre - Winemaker of Domaines Fabre Margaux & Haut Médoc
Champagne Room of Manila Hotel
(One Rizal Park 1099 Manila ,Philippines)